God is on the move

Praise the Lord that He is moving among the young people from the N.East in Delhi. He touched many young hearts with the earnest desire to intercede for their state.  Please pray for them to be established in prayer.  Many gave their lives to the Lord for the first time and were transformed.

Psalm 24 says: this is the generation that seeks the Lord.  The Lord promises that they shall receive the blessing.

Give praise for all those in Manipur who caught the vision of prayer.  Many in a bible college there recieved a new annointing and a new vision.

Prayer groups were encouraged to keep on praying for peace and turning back to God.  Some people were physically healed and emotionally healed during these meeting.  Please Keep praying for them.


Battered to death

An insurgent leader was battered to death before his brother this week.Pray for this brother not to have physcological problems. Pray that there will not be revenge killings. Only prayer and a move of God will stop these killings. Lord have mercy upon these people, soften their hearts, convict them of these murders that they would cry out to you for forgiveness.

Manipur- Screening of children under five forHIV.

In a small village outside of the capital a group of 25 children all under the age of 5 years were tested for HIV  out of 25 children,20 tested positive for aids.  In a few years this village will be wiped out. Pray for awareness of how aids is spread and for proper care for these innocent little ones.  Where sin abounds the innocent suffer.

Burma is now out of the news,but still the troubles continue. Many more activists are being imprisoned everyday. Pray that their voice will not be silenced that democracy will come. Over five hundred people have ben killed, the real figure is probably higher.  Telephone & internet is still blocked.  The people are very hungry outside of the cities. Pray for Burma for there freedom.  Th Indian government have more troops patrolling the borders, keeping any refugees who are fleeing from crossing the borders and sending them back to captivity. PRAY PRAY PRAY.

George Brown asks for the Burmese government to show restraint. UN are asked to put pressure on the surrounding governments.

Pray for the military not to open fire on the peaceful protesters.Pray for the international community to protest.

Pray for Burma

Urgent prayer is needed at this time for Burma.

50,ooo people marched on the streets ofYangong, led by the monks. Today the government are making noises of putting down this uprising,because the monks are highly respected and  are in the front of the people the government will not want to take an aggressive action. Pray that it will be a peaceful outcome and not as in 1988 when 3,ooo young people were killed. The people are protesting about the increasing price of basic needs of food.